Functional Fitness on the Road

Vacations are the perfect time to disconnect and relax, but that doesn't mean your workout routine should suffer.The problem with vacations and working out is that they just don't seem to go together. Packing up all your workout equipment to make sure you don't get too far off track can be a daunting, if not impossible task. If you're used to free weights, there simply isn't any convenient way to load a bunch of plates and bars in a bag or trunk. On the other hand if you have become accustomed to working out on machines, replicating that routine is even more complicated. You have to ask yourself, will the hotel have the machines I'm used to? If not how do I do my routines with free weights? If you're enjoying the great outdoors, then all of those questions and concerns become even greater. So what can you do? How do you stay in shape on vacation?The answer may be simpler than you think-- sandbag training.

If you haven't done it before, now is the time to start. Sandbag training offers the ultimate in portability and is literally a gym in a bag. One of the many benefits to this type of training is the ability to replicate real life gym moves without the need to carry tons of equipment around. Presses, bent over rows, curls, squats and a variety of other conventional and unconventional exercises can all be accomplished with a sandbag. Plus, the bag can be folded and placed in almost any suitcase for travel all over the world. Typically, as the name would imply you fill the bag with sand, but rice, dried goods or other native options might be used. Just be sure you know the exact weight and don't fill the bag with anything dangerous, think canned goods.

Another advantage to traveling with sandbags is the challenge they present. You will find yourself struggling with a weight you can normally manage easily, because the weight naturally shifts. You also have to think through how to hold and carry these bags, which provides just the right amount of mental stimulation for your workout.

When you select a sandbag to travel with you will want to find a company that stands behind their product, offers a bag as tough as you are and is thoughtfully designed. Brute Force sandbags make an excellent choice because they offer different types of bags for different workouts, bags that have multiple handles (which is important when executing various lifts) and military grade materials.

Choosing workout equipment to travel with is much like choosing a travel partner. You want them to be tough, easy going and hassle free. Brute Force Sandbags offer all of that and more, which is why they might just become your favorite travel partner of all.

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