Brute Force Weighted Vest

Brute Force Weighted Vests

Let’s face it. Plate carriers suck. At Brute Force HQ, the only time we want to wear a plate carrier is in combat, not while working out.

That’s why we designed the APC Weighted Vest with one goal in mind: to be the most comfortable weighted vest on the planet. Our modular APC weight system is comprised of 10 flexible 2-pound weight packets filled with our proprietary recycled steel blend. Unlike a steel plate, our system bends and flexes with you, allowing you freedom of movement like never before.

The ultimate test of any weighted vest is how it performs while running. Our RED team put in countless miles and hundreds of design tweaks to make sure that the APC vest stays in place, yet is flexible enough to allow you to do the one most important thing: breathe. Most weighted vests feel suffocating and restrictive, but because we designed the APC with flexibility in mind above all else, you’ll barely even know it’s there.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable plate carriers. Say hello to the Anti Plate Carrier Weighted Vest, only by Brute Force.

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1 product