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Brute Force Sand Kettlebells

Brute Force Sand Kettlebells are the next evolution in functional fitness equipment. Adjustable, portable, and durable, our kettlebells provide a massive advantage over traditional steel kettlebells.
Not only does the unstable load of sand engage muscle groups differently, but the adjustable weight gives the ability to pack in a suitcase and fill at your destination for an on-the-go gym at your fingertips.
So whether you're trying to save space or want a kettlebell that won't break the bank, our kettlebells are the answer. And with their unique design, they're sure to stand out in any home gym.
And because they're filled with sand, they're much more stable than metal kettlebells, meaning you can use them for a wider range of exercises. So if you're looking for kettle bells that are both stylish and functional, Brute Force is the way to go.
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Kettlebell Sandbag | 10lbs, 30lbs & 45lbs Capacity - Brute Force TrainingKettlebell Sandbag | 10lbs, 30lbs & 45lbs Capacity - Brute Force Training
Kettlebell Sandbag | 10lbs & 30lbs Capacity
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