Tips for Running with a Weighted Vest

Weight Vest Training

If you're an avid runner, adding a weighted vest can be a great way to skyrocket your fitness to the next level while burning more calories. It is common to see people wearing these vests when doing CrossFit, running WODs, or doing extra cardio training. It is also very popular to see athletes wear a weighted vest while running. But are there any benefits to running with this type of vest?

Why try running in a weighted vest?

Weighted Vest Running

The obvious benefit of running in a weighted vest is that your body has to work harder. The extra weight means that your muscles, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems will need to put in extra effort. Because of the vest, you will burn more calories, and your body must adapt to the excess weight and stimulus.

Another benefit of running in a weighted vest is that you can develop a better running posture. You can also build up your endurance. It can even help you run faster than before. Adding an extra load, in a vest, to your running workouts is also convenient and comfortable. What other way can you quickly and comfortably add 7kg - 40kg to your body while being able to keep your arms freed up? A weighted vest is perfect for this.

Start with a low weight.

When you start running with a weighted vest, even if you are in great shape, it is best to start with a low weight. The Brute Force APC Weighted Vest 3.0 has pockets in the front and back so you can easily add and remove weight. Start with a weight that will challenge you, but that doesn't stop you from being able to run as you normally would. It should feel slightly more difficult. As you get used to the low weight, you can then add more slowly, over time. 

Make sure it fits correctly.

Weight Vest Fitness

Before running a 5K or attempting the Murph Challenge, it is essential to ensure that your weighted vest fits appropriately. It should sit comfortably close to your body, tight enough not to bounce around, and comfortably enough to allow you to breathe. The straps should be fixed to the correct panels in the correct positions so that it feels as though it was made for you.

Prepare yourself mentally.

Running with a weighted vest, even with a lighter weight, to begin with, is going to feel different, and it is going to make your workout more challenging. You will FEEL the difference in your muscles as you run and afterward during recovery. It is essential to prepare yourself mentally. Just like an athlete, focus and enjoy the challenge the weighted vest presents.  

What is the best vest to wear when running with a weighted vest?

Brute Force Weight Vest 3.0

We recommend the Brute Force APC 3.0 Weighted Vest. It is the most comfortable weighted vest on the planet. It is perfect for running due to its design, comfort, adjustability, and flexibility. The ultimate test of any weighted vest is how it performs while running. Our RED team put in countless miles and hundreds of design tweaks to ensure that the APC vest stays in place yet is flexible enough to allow you to move quickly in whatever you are doing. Most weighted vests feel suffocating and restrictive. But because we designed the APC with flexibility above all else, you'll barely even know it's there.