The Beginner’s Sandbag Workout

Are you only lifting iron weights during strength training? If so, it’s time for you to try sandbag workouts.

Let's get started! You’ll sweat, improve your gains, and have fun doing it.

It’s easy to do a sandbag workout routine - even for beginners. Simply follow the recommendations below from the Brute Force Training Center

A Sandbag Workout for Beginners

Beginner sandbag workouts offer a wide variety of different movements that will benefit your entire muscular system. 

To start your new weighted Sandbag workout regime, you’ll need a reliable set of sandbags. The Brute Force “classic series kits” are the perfect sandbags for working out. 

These military-grade sandbags are high quality, allowing for the perfect workout performance from beginners to pros. 

You could set up a safe, clear space to do your workout with your sandbag equipment - either inside or outdoors. 

The ​​Brute Force Workout for Beginners - Step By Step

Sandbag Exercises

When working out with a sandbag for the first time, you must have the right size and weight gear to suit your ability level. The most suitable sandbag will cater to your current strength, and be adjustable to weigh more as you grow your strength and stamina. Brute Force Classic Sandbag Kits are perfect for this.

Once you have the correct size gear, you can begin!

When starting your weighted sandbag workout, begin with a full-body warmup stretch followed by light cardio, like a short jog or a few jumping jacks. This will help raise your heart rate and ready you for what is next!


Following a simple sandbag circuit like the Brute Force Training Plans will give you a good idea of the many movements available and how to pace yourself.


Check out some of their most popular Sandbag moves below:

Bear Hug Squats:

This is a staple move that you will find in almost any Brute Force Sandbag Workout Of the Day (SandWOD). Using both arms, hug your sandbag tightly in front of your chest. Perform a squat by bending your knees and lowering down until the backs of your thighs are parallel to the ground. Keep your back upright and your knees pointing out towards your toes. The correct form is essential to avoid injury! Now, complete a few repetitions (reps) in a row and then take a quick break before repeating that set of reps a couple more times.

Sandbag Swings:

For this Brute Force favorite, you will need to grip the end handles of your sandbag tightly and spread your feet apart so that they are just wider than your shoulders. Then, bend at the hips, leaning back with slightly bent knees as you swing your bag down between your legs. Use your glutes and hamstrings to force the sandbag to swing back out and up in front of you. This is not an arm workout so use your legs for the bulk of the force. Repeat a few reps and then take a short break before repeating a few more sets of the same movement.

Sandbag Shoulder to Shoulder:

Stand again with your feet shoulder width apart and with your knees slightly bent (soft knees). Using both hands, lift your sandbag over your head from one shoulder to the other shoulder. Once it has touched both shoulders, that will count as one repetition (rep). Continue for a few more reps and take a short break. Then, repeat that set a few more times.

Brute Force Burpee:

Get into a push-up position with your hands on your sandbag. Hop your feet towards your hands. Next, hold on to our sandbag with both hands and stand up to lift the sandbag above your head. Lock your elbows straight. Lower it down again to the floor to repeat. This is a Brute Force Burpee and a great full-body exercise.

Follow your workout with a nice cool down stretch and remember to drink plenty of water. 

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Sandbag Benefits

Sandbag Workout

Sandbag workouts are perfect for beginners looking to get into shape with something new and fun. Sandbags offer a multitude of options regarding exercises for any part of the body. They are an all-rounder piece of training equipment.

Sandbag workouts build real-life strength to develop your functional fitness. They improve stability, flexibility, mobility, and strength to enhance your normal day-to-day activities. 

Sandbags are portable for easy, lightweight travel when you are on the go and don't want to miss a workout. They are adjustable in weight so that you can build up your strength at your own pace. 

Their versatility means that you don't need to waste money on multiple pieces of equipment, or find space to put it all! 

Just one piece of equipment and being consistent will bring you the results you are hoping for. 

Happy training!