Best Sandbag Filler

Here at Brute Force Training, we sell a LOT of sandbags, and the most common question we get asked is:

“What is the best filler for my sandbag?”

When it comes down to it, it’s really up to you to decide which filling you prefer. 

What do you know about inner fillers?

Workout Sandbag Inner Filler

Head over to the Brute Force website and check out the Brute Force filler bags: Brute Force inner fillers.

These sandbag fillers are made from 1000D Cordura material. 

They are available in different sizes, are manufactured in the USA, and are backed by the BF Warranty! 

For the most effective training, be sure to fill the filler to the red tagline that you can find up one side of the filler.  

Filling it correctly will allow the sand to shift while you train for maximum results.  

Filling it past the tagline will not leave enough room for shift and will put too much stress on the bag's design, resulting in stitching breaking, tearing, and bursting open. 

*Not to be used without an outer shell*

So what should you fill it with?

The Best Filler For Sandbag Training

There are several things to consider when choosing sandbag filling.

The natural density of the filling you select will affect the actual weight of your sandbag. 

Sand is the obvious and most popular choice, but there are more options to choose from than you think, so let’s break them down. 

The best filling options for your sandbag are:


Sand is a clear winner in popularity. It is cheap and easily found at home depot and other local hardware stores. If you are wondering what type of sand to fill sandbags with, stick to basic play sand. It’s the way to go!


Rice is easy to find, and also relatively inexpensive. It is also easy to clean up if accidentally spilled. A piece of rice is lighter in weight than sand so you would need more of it to reach the same weight as sand. 

Pea Gravel/Mini Pebbles 

Both options work very well, although they can be pricier than sand and are not as soft to work out with.

Steel shot 

If you are not familiar with steel shot, it is a material used for abrasive blast cleaning. The steel granules are smaller than sand and much heavier too. You won't need as much of it to achieve heavy weight and they flow very smoothly inside the sandbag filler.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are flexible and have a decent weight to them. You can reuse an recycle the wood afterward.

Rubber Mulch

Small nuggets of rubber are a great substitute for sand. Keep in mind that they are not always easy to clean up if spilled and are not environmentally friendly.

Shredded Paper or Clothes

This is a terrific lightweight idea if you are looking to reuse and recycle existing shredded materials in your home or office. The naturally lightweight and stable nature of cloth and paper is a great alternative filling for young children as it is unlikely to injure or hinder any body movement.


This bold option is unique and heavy. It’s also an expensive option, but it could be a fun place to store your savings! 

The choice of filler is totally up to you so go with whichever option you feel will be most comfortable training with.

How To Fill Brute Force Sandbags

Once you’ve selected your filling of choice, the actual filling up of your bags is quite simple, though, it is nice (and tidier) to have a second set of hands helping out.


Workout Sandbag Filler
  1. Have one person hold the filler bag in place with the top wide open. 
  2. The second person carefully pours the filling in. 
  3. DO NOT fill above the tagline.
  4. Have your scale handy while you are filling the filler bags so that you can check for your desired weight. 
  5. Seal the double velcro top and place it inside your Brute Force sandbag shell.

The Brute Force filler bags are well-designed. They will not leak the sand or any other filling when filled and sealed correctly.

One of the benefits of sandbags is that you can fill your bag to the level of your choice. You can underfill for a lighter weight, adding more and more over time as you build your strength.

*Don't overfill the filler bag

Weight Training Sandbags

sandbag bench leg lift exercise

Take your time deciding on what you think is the best sandbag filler. When in doubt, stick to using sand! 

The versatility of sandbag training allows for changes. So, you can try different fillers when you are ready for new challenges.

Remember, if you are looking for the best sandbags - a hardy sandbag that is perfect for strongman workouts, Crossfit training, or obstacle course preparation.

Our Brute Force sandbags are the way to go!