Awkward Terrain, Odd Objects - Sandbag Training for OCR

Obstacle Course Racing | Brute Force Sandbags

Why you should use sandbag training

If you're training for adventure racing or Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) like the Spartan Race or Tough Mudder, it's important to take advantage of all the tools available. In contrast to the usual training techniques like running or typical weight training, sandbag training offers countless benefits that will enhance your racing techniques and outcomes.

Using a sandbag to work out is a form of functional training, and one of the best ways you can improve your speed, strength, and agility for OCR. It continues to grow in popularity and any serious adventure racer is sure to add the use of sandbags and heavy objects during all forms of training. Why? Because every Obstacle Course Race out there has you carry, drag or toss some sort of unstable, odd object... so you better train that way!

Brute Force Sandbag Training for OCR

One of the biggest benefits of using Brute Force Sandbag Training for OCR is that it develops real-life practical strength. A lot of the activities and challenges during an adventure race require practical strength such as lifting heavy objects, jumping, lifting yourself, and having to navigate obstacles. Training with a sandbag prepares you for more awkward scenarios that deal with heavier weights, increase your grip and forearm strength, and allows you to climb over or under objects more easily. The strength developed during sandbag training is different from basic weight training in that immense balance is required to safely and properly handle heavy sandbags. With a barbell it's easy enough to push a weight in the air, but it's a whole different ballgame when it comes to sandbags and other heavy awkward objects.

Many new muscles will develop and strengthen during sandbag training that you were unaware of. These muscles help even out any muscular imbalances between larger muscles and using a sandbag forces your body to stabilize in many different, yet beneficial ways. A sandbag is unstable and continually changing form, which makes it a challenge just to pick up and hold. Lifting it and throwing it is that much more difficult and requires a lot more skill and finesse compared to a typical bar based workout.

When it comes to optimally building muscles sandbag training must be incorporated into any fitness routine you're using to become a better OCR racer. 

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