Weighted Vests for Women

Weighted Vests are all the rage in the world of WODs this Spring. More women are adding Weighted Vests to their workouts than ever before. Unlike Spring Fashion items, Weighted Vests are not just a trend but a game changer that is here to stay.

Brute Force weighted vests are the quintessential package for workouts, providing the X-Factor you won’t want to train without every again. PLUS, they are super simple to use.

A weighted vest is the ideal piece of equipment to add to your WOD and it has many benefits for women in training.

Benefits of Weight Vests for Women

Weighted Vest  | Women Training

The Brute Force specialists have spent months designing and perfecting a Weighted Vest geared towards the inclusion of women’s needs. Traditionally, they have been designed for specific body types but no longer. Now there is a weighted vest on the market that caters to women like none other.

Benefits of a Brute Force Weighted Vest 3.0 include:

  • Plate free = more flexibility
  • Breathable design and fabric
  • Improves balance and stability
  • Builds muscular strength
  • Adjustable weight
  • Increases mineral bone density
  • Improves running speed
  • Builds endurance
  • Increases calorie burn
  • You can adjust length straps 
  • Adjustable width straps

The benefits of regular weighted vest workouts can’t be denied. They improve almost every workout. Weighted vests are beneficial for those suffering from osteoporosis, among many other physical health issues.

Apart from all this, weighted vests add an extra dose of fun to exercises. You can use them in your WODs but that’s not all. You can take them on a light jog, a run, a dog walk, perhaps a long-distance walk or even a hike. These versatile tools are the added  bonus to almost any land exercise you can think of.

Finding The Right Weighted Vest for Women

Weighted Vest | Women's Weight Vest

It is important that a weighted vest be comfortable enough to train in.  Different sizes are tough to come across but finding the best weighted vest that caters to women’s needs has never been easier than right now.

Well established company, Brute Force has designed a tactical vest that is ideal.

The Brute Force Weighted Training Vest 3.0 is possibly the number 1 choice on the market. It has a simple, minimalistic CrossFit design, with incredible breathability and comfort. This weighted vest creates less restriction during your movements.  Unlike other vest options this design features 10, flexible 2-pound weight pockets which you can order pre-filled with their proprietary recycled steel blend. Being an APC vest (Anti Plate Carrier) there are no steel plates to restrict movement! The design bends and flexes with you, allowing you freedom of movement like never before.

You also have the option to fill your vest with which ever mix you like to help you reach the weight you desire, from empty to around 40 pounds. (a 20lbs weighted vest is most commonly recommendation) The Brute Force APC 3.0 weighted vest is fully adjustable in sizing. This perfect fitness item conforms to almost all body shapes and sizes, and it holds in place.

According to Brute Force, “This weight vest is built for all levels of training and is geared towards strength and conditioning for Traditional, Tactical, and Functional Athletes alike.”

This incredible weighted vest has been listed as the “leading weight vest recommendation”, and also as the “best adjustable weighted running vest” by leading experts.

The Takeaway

Weighted vests are a unique and effective workout tool for women.

They add a different approach to your workout that is far better than just sticking some weights in your backpack. They distribute resistance evenly around your torso, and help add variety to your training.

Challenge yourself with new upper and lower body training exercises, like jumps and pull ups. They are great for ballistic sports and obstacle drills.

Adjust your vest to your own comfort level, keeping it gently snug to your body. Have the weight fit your needs, and adjust regularly to give your workout some variety. Start with a weight that is lower than you think you need, and add to that.

The cardiovascular benefits and strength building from regular use of a weighted vest for women simply can't be beat.