The Best Plate Carrier Alternative - The Weighted Vest

Traditionally, the plate carrier is known and used as a piece of "tactical gear." It could effectively be considered a bulletproof vest or body armor, when combined with ballistic plates.

Things have changed, however, and recently, plate carriers like the ones used by police and military are being used as popular fitness equipment.

Plate carriers became popular due to the heroic Lt. Michael Murphy, whose favorite workout included a plated vest. The now well-known CrossFit "Murph" WOD (originally known as the "body armor" workout) is named after the heroic Lt. It is attempted and enjoyed by many fitness enthusiasts across the globe every Memorial Day.  

CrossFit is a functional training program involving a variety of equipment, challenges, and exercises to support the improvement of doing everyday activities.

The plates used in fitness gear are made from regular steel and are not meant to provide body armor or protection but are simply there to add weight.

Plate carriers, however, are often uncomfortable to wear and restrictive during movements. Therefore, even the best plate carrier is not a very suitable piece of workout gear.

What is the best plate carrier alternative?

Weighted Vest

Although plate carriers add weight to workouts very effectively, they can be expensive, and one can't usually adjust the weight in small increments.

The best plate carrier alternative is a weighted vest like the Brute Force APC Weighted Vest 3.0.

A weighted vest is a fantastic addition for anyone looking to add extra resistance to their workouts.

Why choose a weighted vest?

Weighted vests are a popular fitness accessory adding instant resistance to any workout. The best vests to look out for are not bulky, unrestrictive during movements and breathing, and offer easily adjustable and evenly distributed weight. 

Many weighted vests come with weighted pockets on the front, back, and sides with a belt that keeps the vest close to your midsection, allowing you to move your arms freely. 

They are great for beginners or seasoned pros because they let you increase the load as quickly or slowly as you need.

Even the best plate carriers cannot do this. 

Therefore, unless you are already used to heavy-weighted vests, you will struggle to use a plate carrier that typically has space only for a plate in the front and back. 

Purchasing a weighted vest can be a big decision, so it is best to first try one on to see if you are comfortable using weighted body equipment. 

The Brute Force Weighted Vest

The Brute Force weighted vest is superior to even the best plate carrier for several reasons. 

  1. It's all the name! APC actually stands for Anti Plate Carrier.
    Weighted Vest
  2. It is made from 1000D Military Spec Cordura using breathable aerospace mesh panels and is double-stitched construction. 
  3. For easy movement, it has a body contouring fit, a motion-enabling weight system, and adjustable padded shoulder straps for comfort.
  4. The Brute Force APC vest also features a partner drag/carry-handle, pull & drag loops on the front and rear, and 10 removable pockets on the front and back for even weight distribution. 
  5. This APC vest needs no plates meaning you can fill the weight packets with sand or steel shot mix variants, so the price or availability of metal plates will never be a problem for you!
  6. With sand-filled weight packets, this vest not only bends with your body, allowing a full range of motion, but it is easy to empty and refill so you can travel with it and never miss a workout!

The APC 3.0 weighted vest is more comfortable, flexible, versatile, and durable than any plate carrier.

Whether doing CrossFit workouts, strength training, or running with a weighted vest, it's a fantastic way to take your training to the next level.