Sandbags For A Great Workout

With the pandemic feeling like it's fading away, now is the perfect time to find a reliable, simple, and super effective way to work out within society again! Whether you are working out in a gym, at home in your garage, or on the move as you travel. Workout sandbags are the most versatile tool for efficient, multifunctional training available to us all!

Sandbag training provides perfect strength, endurance and stability training for anyone from a beginner (like me) to a seasoned athlete.

Sandbag Training | Sandbag Workout

Why Sandbags?

Lifting weights has been a staple in gyms as part of workout routines for generations, but sandbag training offers power along with stability and endurance.  This is why the US Navy, the military and many other powerhouse institutions use sandbags in their workouts.  Sandbags have become a favorite among many competitive athletes and celebrities who want a more challenging and well rounded workout.

Sandbags provide a unique challenge that replicates real-life situations. While working out with sandbags, the awkward nature of lifting the soft, unstable load forces your body to constantly re-align itself to balance and build not only your strength, but stability power too. It provides you with thorough, full body conditioning.

Unlike conventional training equipment, sandbags are soft enough to offer you a comfortable experience while remaining durable enough to provide you with hours of powerful training from your old equipment.  Another perk to sandbags is that once they are empty they are so light that you can simply fold them up and take them with you anywhere!  Just refill them when you get to your destination and, voila! You never need to miss a workout when you own a sandbag!

What Exactly Are Workout Sandbags?

Workout sandbags are precisely what they sound like - bags of sand, but with some remarkable differences. We have designed our training sandbags to be durable, pliable, and adjustable, making them ideal personalized workout tools!

Brute Force offers some of the best training sandbags available to give you the ultimate workout challenge. Brute Force sandbags are 100% American Made, and we are consistently the top-selling, top-performing, and most used sandbags in the industry. We built our sandbags to be tough enough to carry your workout to a new level.

Which Sandbag is Right For Me?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your own workout sandbag. Some workout sandbags have handles and some do not. They also come in different sizes and shapes. The most common though, is the rectangular sandbag that looks something like a duffle bag.

Brute Force has a fantastic range of excellent sandbag options to choose from and all of their bag kits come with weight fillers.  If you prefer it, they are happy to pre-fill the fillers for you or you can opt to fill them yourself.  (we recommend common playground “sand box sand”)

They include:

  • The Classic- These are the most popular tactical sandbag kits. They come in 3 different, adjustable weight and size options (scout, athlete, strongman) ranging from 11lbs all the way up to 135lbs in multiple color options. With 8-Handles, this Sandbag gives you access to over 300 movements in one piece of equipment! They are made from durable 1000D Military-Spec Cordura and meet ALL specs for Unstable Load Training.
    Barebones Sandbag | Workout Sandbag
  • Barebones- The biggest difference with this particular sandbag is that it does not have handles. Barebones Strongman bags are adjustable in weight from 75lbs to 125lbs. While the max capacity is 135lbs, this sandbag functions best between 85lbs and 115lbs.  This sandbag is built for advanced sandbag training and is geared towards power development and grip strength.
  • Brute Balls- Sand-filled, adjustable, soft stone/atlas stone balls. “The first of their kind”, the original Brute Balls came out in 2013, but the 2.0 version has been redesigned with Strongman and odd object training in mind. “The ultimate in just lifting something heavy and awkward.”
  • Kettlebell Sandbags- One part kettlebell, one part sandbag, all parts awesome! Weighing less than 1 pound when empty, the Brute Force Kettlebell Sandbag™ is the ultimate training tool for people on the move or Deployable Fitness™ in a tactical environment. The Brute Force Kettlebell Sandbags come in 3 sizes: 15lbs, 30lbs, and 45lbs. These are their max capacities. They are all adjustable and suitably designed for beginner to advanced training levels.

*Brute Force is a Veteran owned and operated company and has a long history serving the US Military, Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS communities

The Ultimate Sandbag Workout

Getting started on a new fitness regime can be challenging, but the rewards are endless. Sandbags could be the next great addition to your new or current workout plan. Your dynamic resistance will be put to the extreme test when doing a sandbag workout. The off-balance nature of the shifting sand builds muscle and stability strength at an optimum level.

Give it a try! Sandbag workouts are unique, allowing personal customization. You can start by using your sandbag much like a replacement for your traditional barbell, or, if you are feeling bold, you can find many new, hard core options and open up your workouts to endless possibilities.