Brute Force Sandbags and Weighted Vests Help You Prep for Obstacle Course Training

There is nothing more rewarding than the thrill of the chase in obstacle course training.

Have you ever tried one?

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie to the obstacle course world, you will need to train to the best of your abilities to fully prepare for the big day.

Steps For Preparing for An Obstacle Course Race

So, you have decided to sign up for an upcoming obstacle course race. What next?

Obstacle Race Run

You’ll want to start training for the race, right away! The course will most likely include 10-20 obstacles that involve some type of intense running, jumping, climbing, hiking, and crawling through a unique set-up of muddy, uneven terrain. 

You will need your body to be ready! 

Here are some simple steps that you can take to prepare.

Sign up:

First, sign up for your course! Join with a friend if you can. It is always better with a friend to accompany you on your training journey. 

You and your training partner can support each other during your tough training routines and can celebrate each other's achievements on the big day. 

Remember to opt for any alerts that will let you know about start times, venues or changes, etc. 

Choose the right course:

There are usually different course levels, based on ability. You can choose between the more complex elite courses for seasoned athletes and the non-elite courses for beginners. 

Do some shopping around to find the course level and registration price that suit both you and your pocket and remember to get as many details as possible.

Gather supplies:

What clothing or equipment will you need on race day? It is important to find this out early so that you can start training with them before the race. 

Things like compression shirts, sports bras, gloves, knee/elbow pads, and shoes should be collected at this point. 

Be sure to purchase shoes that are designed for OCRs. They should be great for gripping and have excellent drainage. Also, try to get your hands on some training gear that will help you reach your training goals: weighted vests and sandbags, etc. (more on that below)

Strength Training and Running Training:

You need to train beforehand to be at your strongest because, during the obstacle course, you will find yourself in a constant state of stop-n-go. So, you will need an appropriate training plan to train for this. 

A combo of scheduled weight training, running and cardio exercise is ideal.

Improve your diet:

When facing an upcoming OCR, you’ll need to fuel your body well to power your training. Speak to someone who knows about the right kinds of foods to help build your strength and endurance.

Try to include plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Also, remember to Hydrate!  Being properly hydrated can not be stressed enough. 

Sleep for OCR Training: 

Rest and recovery are achieved best while you are asleep, so get enough sleep to help you reach your goals.

Strength Training with Sandbags and Weighted Vests

One of the most ideal ways to truly prepare for the challenges of OCRs is to utilize obstacle course training equipment like sandbags and weighted Vests. They will greatly improve your workout training sessions.

The folks at Brute Force sell the best sandbags and weighted vests! They explain the benefits of training with their products.

Sandbags For OCR Training

Sandbag Workout

Sandbag sand, by nature, is constantly shifting during your movements. Your body will need to adjust and stabilize throughout your workouts. This movement mimics those natural conditions you may find in an obstacle course and helps to develop your stability muscles and balance to cope in those physically strenuous environments.

Utilizing Brute Force sandbags during your training will help to build your strength, stability, and endurance.

The performance benefits of sandbags are perfect for anyone who would like to compete in an OCR and are perfect for OCR training. Nothing beats a good sandbag carry workout.  

Brute Force Sandbags, Sandbag Kettlebells, and Bruteballs are all excellent options for this type of training. Sandbag training results are proven. Not only will you be stronger from carrying the extra weight around, but you will also be quicker. 

You can shop for these fantastic Brute Force Sandbag products HERE. 

Weighted Vests for OCR Training

Weighted Vest

Weighted vests are proven to improve your running speed, which is something you will want to do when training for an obstacle course rase. Brute Force provides the best weight training vest option on the market.

Using adjustable weighted vests during OCR training plan will help burn calories while improving bone density.

Shop for Brute Force Weighted Vests HERE. 

The Final Lift

The benefits of OCR training with Brute Force weighted vests and sandbags are endless. The use of these tools during your workouts will help you to compete at your absolute best.

Training with weighted vests and sandbags will put you in tip-top condition for your next OCR day.