The Best Workout Equipment: Machines Vs Free Weights Vs Sandbags

When it comes to training, there are a lot of different opinions on the best workouts. Some people swear by machines, while others prefer to use free weights. Still, more and more people are finding that sandbag workouts are the best choice for full-body training! So, which is the right choice for you? Let's look at the pros and cons of each option.

Pros and Cons of Machine Workouts


The biggest advantage to using machines is that they are already set up, so you don’t need to worry about putting out a lot of equipment or figuring out how to do complex exercises. You head to your gym and hop on the machine that you want to use, which makes them very convenient if you have the time to go to the gym and wait for your turn on the machine.

Another advantage of machines is that they can be very effective for building muscle. When used correctly, you can target specific muscles and work them hard. This is great for people who are looking to build a lot of muscle mass.

Machine workouts can be safer

Another benefit of machine workouts is that they are relatively safe. There is less chance of injury when you use a machine compared to when you are using free weights, for example. So, if you are worried about getting hurt, machines might be the way to go.

Now let's look at some cons of using a machine.

Machines don't offer a lot of variety, so you won't be able to work all the muscles you want if you're only using machines. You'll have to switch machines over and over to work your upper body and lower body.

If you get bored easily, you might find that working out on machines isn't very exciting as they are designed for repetitive work.

You also need to use several different machines to work different muscle groups, so it can be time-consuming to work your whole body.

Also, if you are at the gym and the machine you need is taken, you must wait around for a turn.

If you're trying to build muscle, you might find that the maximum weight limit on machines isn't enough for you, which is limiting.

Another downside to machines is that they are very expensive. Buying even one machine for your home garage gym is pricey. And, if you're going to the gym to use the machines, you might have to pay memberships or per-use fees. So, there's an ongoing cost to consider with machines.

Lastly, machines don't provide the same level of challenge that free weights and sandbags do.

Pros and Cons of Free Weight Workouts

Free weights offer a lot of advantages over machines. Firstly, they are way less


expensive. You can buy a set of dumbbells for a fraction of the cost of a machine.

Second, free weights provide a greater challenge than machines. They require more balance and coordination to use effectively. This can lead to better overall results in the long run.

Another benefit of free weight workouts is that they can help you burn more calories and fat. Because free weights place a greater demand on your muscles, your body must work harder to lift them, which means you burn more calories in the process.

Free weights are well known for being more versatile than machines.  You can use just a few weights for a wide variety of exercises, which can keep your workout routine interesting.

Finally, you can take certain free weights with you if you are traveling. Not so much with machines.

Free weights and dumbbells are great, but they are not without their limits.

Are free weights the right choice?

Free weights can be dangerous if you don't use them properly. It's easy to injure yourself without the proper form. So, if you're new to working out, free weights might not be the best choice for you.

Next, free weights don't offer the same level of support that machines do. If you're trying to lift a lot of weight, you might find that your body can't handle it. This can lead to injuries.

Lastly, free weights don't offer the same level of challenge as sandbags do.  They require even more balance and coordination to use effectively. Sandbags lead to the best results in the long run.

Pros and Cons of Sandbag Workouts

Sandbag Workout

Sandbags are a great option for people who want a challenging workout routine. You can combine cardio and strength training in one full-body workout, which is great for people who are short on time.

Sandbags are also the right option for people who want to work multiple muscle groups together. They provide a unique challenge that other workout equipment doesn’t offer. You engage more muscle groups when you use a sandbag, which strengthens more areas without you needing to focus on them.

Not only are sandbags the right gear for cardio or full-body workouts, but they can also be used for strength training if you are looking to build muscle mass.

You can perform over 300 movements with a sandbag, which means you can add a lot of variety to your workouts.

Working more muscles with each sandbag workout saves you time and helps you gain strength more efficiently.

Sandbags are also relatively inexpensive. They cost a fraction of the price of a machine or a set of dumbbells. They are one item for the price of MANY!

Advantages of sandbag workouts

Sandbag Training

Military personnel and athletes often use sandbags because of their unique functional fitness training capabilities.

The biggest advantage, therefore, is that sandbags can help you build muscle and endurance while working your entire body and burning calories.

Sandbags are convenient as they are easy to store and don't require a lot of space. So you can take them with you when you travel ANYWHERE so you never have to miss a workout!

However, sandbags do have some disadvantages.

Sandbags can be a challenge to use in the beginning, but it gets easier after the first attempt. Brute Force Training offers several online sandbag tutorial videos that can help you get started with your Sandbag resistance training. Their movement library is filled with tips to get you in the right direction.

The other downside to sandbags is that they can be messy if you buy a cheap sandbag. Stick with a Brute Force sandbag built with quality materials to avoid this problem. The best sandbags feature military spec construction and a strong warranty, all offered by Brute Force Training.

So, there are some things to consider before using a sandbag, but overall, they offer more positives than any other training equipment out there.

Sandbag Throwing

Here are a few Sandbag Movements to try:

  • The sandbag shoulder press is a great way to strengthen your shoulders while improving your core stability.
  •  The sandbag clean and press is a strong move for boosting your power and explosiveness.
  • For a real challenge, try the sandbag squat thruster – a move that works your quads, glutes, and shoulders all at once! This will burn calories fast!
  • The sandbag window washer will help you to target your core.
  • For an upper body blast, try the sandbag overhead tricep extension.
  • The reverse lunge with a twist is a great way to work your lower body while also getting a good core workout.
  • The sandbag power clean is another strong move for developing your explosive power and strength.
  • The sandbag snatch will improve your power and coordination.

For additional movements, check out 7 Exercises You Can Only Do with Sandbag Training or 5 Best Sandbag Workout Movements to Build Strength.

So, which is the best option for you? How do you get the best workout? In the end, it all depends on your goals. But if you're looking for a challenging workout that always keeps you on your toes, sandbags are the way to go. Whichever option you choose, make sure to focus on your form and breathing! Happy training!