5 Basic Fitness Movements Using Brute Force Sandbags

Fitness sandbags are versatile training tools you can use to build strength and improve overall fitness. The shifting nature of sand provides a unique workout that engages core and stabilizer muscles unlike traditional weight. In spite of its unwieldiness, the sandbag is a highly useful and effective tool to improve your overall strength and conditioning. 

Who would benefit from fitness sandbags?

The fitness sandbags are particularly beneficial to athletes who are looking to improve power, strength, and speed for performance in whatever sport they prefer. For beginners, it is important to focus on form and keep things slow at first in order to effectively learn the movements. 

Beginners usually start their fitness regimes with some basic sandbag exercises for about 20 – 30 minutes per session. We would advise you to start any workout regime with a warm-up, like jogging or jumping rope for 5-10 minutes. After the warmup, choose a sandbag weight which will feel comfortable enough to lift relatively easily during your fitness sandbag workout.

Here are 5 basic movements any beginner can use to get started with sandbag workouts:

sandbag back squat

Sandbag Back Squat 

The sandbag can be placed across your shoulders behind your head while standing. Lower your body to a squatting posture, keeping the chest high and extending your hips backward. You should keep your weight on your heels. Your knees should not move forward of your toes at any point. Then, drive your hips forward and explode upward, returning to the original position.

Sandbag High Pull 

Start with the sandbag on the ground with your body in the deadlift position. Grab the barbell handles and thrust your hips forward while standing up. Meanwhile, leading with the elbows and keeping the sandbag close to your body, pull the sandbag to chest level. Slowly lower the bag back to starting position for one complete rep. 

Sandbag Overhead Press 

Here, start with the sandbag resting on your arms at the chest level, and then extend the sandbag above your head.  Your back should be kept rigidly straight and abdominal muscles need to be kept tight during the performance of this exercise. The shoulder muscles should be fully extended to lift the sandbag above your head and the elbows also should be straightened in the process, finishing the rep with elbows next to your ears. Then the sandbag is lowered back to the chest level and the exercise is repeated.

sandbag lunge

Fitness Sandbags Lunge

Start with the sandbag across your shoulders or in the overhead position. Step one leg forward while simultaneously lowering the opposite knee to the ground. Then stand up using the forward leg until you are fully upright. Keep your back straight and chest up and then repeat with the opposite leg. Lunges are an excellent way to isolate the larger leg muscles such as quads, glutes and hamstrings. 

Sandbag Deadlift

Start this exercise with the sandbag on the floor and feet shoulder width, hips back, knees over toes with a straight back and upright chest. With a firm grip on the barbell handles, extend your hips forward, and stand up while keeping your arms straight. When fully upright, your sandbag should hang just below your waist against your quads. Then, in a controlled manner, lower the sandbag to the floor to complete one rep.

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