#BRUTECREW Women’s Tri-Blend Core Razor Back Tank

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Whether you have been with us from the beginning or are just starting your journey with us, the evolution of the #brutecrew has been something special. This limited edition design pays homage to the past while pointing to the future. Lightweight, soft and breathable, this razor back tank is the ultimate training partner.



These are the best sandbags and fillers on the market. I've been using sandbags in my group classes for 8 years and have purchased from almost every company on the internet and nothing compares to Brute Force. Stop shopping around and buy these now.

Tim C.

I purchased this bag for a good friend of mine whose previous sandbag was leaking and falling apart. I’m a seamstress and he had been asking me to sew up various holes. He is very rough with his bag and he needs something durable and well made. After researching, I found Brute Force. Extremely well made!

Priscilla L.

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