2022 Built By Brute Force Challenge

Every year many of us get ourselves psyched up to be better than we were the year before, but unfortunately that idea diminishes over time and we often fall back into old patterns.
We all have ceilings, but ceilings are meant to be broken, and breaking them often requires Brute Force.
Ninety-Five percent of New Years Resolutions are fitness related, but did you know that upwards of 68% of those New Years Resolutions are given up on before the end of January? This year, let Brute Force get your back, and help keep you on track so you can confidently reach your fitness goals.
Commitment and Consistency are keys to success. Staying power, self-discipline, and community are the things that are proven to help you create and sustain the lifestyle you want. This year the #BRUTECREW is gonna show the world how it’s done.
This challenge will last for 6 weeks. That will push us well past the mark where most people tap out and give up, but not us. We are going to BREAK THAT CEILING!

What is the challenge?
  • 300 Minutes of Mindfulness - complete 10 minutes a day of mindfulness which may include breath work, meditation or journaling. You’ll learn additional tools and techniques from various lessons each week available in the Facebook group.
  • 30 WODs - You must complete 30 total WODs (using our daily SandWODs or any preferred source). This allows for 2 rest days a week.
  • 3 Lessons - Jeff will be teaching bite-sized Mindset Performance lessons regularly in the FB Group to help you along in your journey.
…all in 6 Weeks
Everyone who completes this challenge will receive a challenge patch to show off what you’ve accomplished. You will also be entered into the drawing for the Grand Prize, a full Home Gym Compliment of Brute Force Gear including:
  • 1 Sandbag of each size
  • 2 Kettlebells of each size
  • 1 BruteBall of each size
  • 1 Barebones Sandbag of each size
  • 1 Weighted Vest 
  • A full Apparel & Swag Pack including patches
Grand Prize Pack
Follow these steps to register at ANYTIME for the challenge:
1. Enter your email below.
2. Make sure you download our app: BruteForce WOD available in the the Apple & Google Stores (Free)
3. Join our Facebook Group www.facebook.com/groups/bruteforcetraining/
4. Get ready to break ceilings.
In addition to the Mindset Monday/Performance lessons in our Facebook group, we will host a series of Ask Me Anythings (AMAs), Interviews with people to help support you along the way and Flash Challenges to win additional prizes.
Now, are you ready to take it on and be BUILT BY BRUTE FORCE?