The Athlete ULS™️ (35-80lbs)
The Athlete ULS™️ (35-80lbs)
The Athlete ULS™️ (35-80lbs)
The Athlete ULS™️ (35-80lbs)
The Athlete ULS™️ (35-80lbs)
The Athlete ULS™️ (35-80lbs)
The Athlete ULS™️ (35-80lbs)
The Athlete ULS™️ (35-80lbs)

The Athlete ULS™️ (35-80lbs)

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The Athlete ULS™️ (35-80lbs)


Introducing the Athlete Unstable Load System (ULS) Sandbag– our top choice for users seeking power and strength training, both at home and in the gym.

Experience the future of training with our revolutionary sand-less system. By seamlessly integrating our versatile Athlete ULS Sandbag with our exclusive adaptive fillers, we're enhancing your workout while eliminating the mess of traditional sandbags.

Built to endure rigorous workouts, our USA-made Sandbags combine toughness and versatility. Reinforced by 1000D Cordura, 5 Panel Seat Belt Webbing, and military-grade closures, they offer reliable access. With 8 handles ensuring comfort and flexibility, our ULS Sandbags adapt to various workout styles.

Achieve heightened resistance with our revolutionary sand-less Athlete base fillers (15LBS - 50LBS), that utilize a proprietary mix of recycled steel and mulch. Add an extra challenge with our Adaptive Fillers (2-5LBS) to effortlessly adjust weight from 15 to 80 lbs to  during your workout.

While we recommend using our Adaptive Fillers to get the most out of your workout, you can also fill the bag with regular sand from a hardware store.

All Sandbags come with 4 sets of flexible, soft-grip handles (8 total) Neutral Grips, Barbell Grips, Suitcase Grips, End Cap Grips

1000D Military-Spec Cordura

Military Grade Velcro

5 Panel Seatbelt Webbing

YKK Zippers

Filler Bags: (10) fillers 6x6"


Maximum Dimensions: 30" x 13" based on stretched shell

Filler Bag: (1) Double Velcro 50lb. bag included

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USA Made, Built to Last.

Built to withstand tough workouts with strong double-stitched design. Reinforced by 1000D military-spec Cordura and 5 Panel Seat Belt Webbing. Equipped with military-grade velcro and premium YKK zippers for reliable access.

A Design Fit For Action

Designed for remarkable versatility, ready to conquer limitless challenges. The 8 handles offer comfort and flexibility, making it the most user-friendly sandbag on the market. Its revolutionary sand-less fillers ensure mess-free workouts.

Rapidly Upgrade Your Training

Supercharge your fitness journey with our revolutionary adaptive fillers. Paired seamlessly with our sandbags, these fillers let you amp up resistance and weight on the fly. Effortlessly adjust from 15 to 150 lbs for an intense and effective workout boost.

Work Out Anywhere, Anytime

Unleash unrivalled versatility for a wide range of exercises - at home or in the gym. Whether it's bodyweight, strength, or functional fitness, this Sandbag is your ultimate companion, empowering effortless customization for optimal workout intensity.


Add an extra challenge with our Adaptive Fillers (2-5LBS) to rapidly adjust weight from 15 to 80 lbs to during your workout.



Brute Force is the leader in Unstable Load Systems (ULS™️) and Unstable Load Training (ULT™️), combining a series of practices to expand your Adaptive Capacity and enable you to perform at the top of your game in any condition imaginable.

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