Kettlebell Sandbag | 10lbs & 30lbs Capacity

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One part kettlebell, one part sandbag, all parts awesome. Weighing less than 1 pound when empty, the Brute Force Kettlebell Sandbag™ is the ultimate training tool for people on the move or Deployable Fitness™ in a tactical environment.

Roll it up, pack it up, and when you get to your destination, fill it up for an amazing workout. The Brute Force Kettlebell Sandbags come in 2 sizes: 10lbs max capacity or 30lbs max capacity. Filling the Kettlebell Sandbag to between 85% and 95% capacity is the sweet spot for max weight and max shift which is the whole point of sandbag training!

This Kettlebell Sandbag is built for Beginner to Advanced sandbag training and is geared towards functional strength and conditioning on the move.

The Brute Force Kettlebell Sandbags™ are USA Made, quality produced in Denver, Colorado, and adhere to the highest manufacturing standards. They are made with tough and resilient 1000D Mil-Spec Cordura and Ballistic Nylon, featuring Double Wall Protection and Quadruple Reinforced Stitching. We stand by the quality of our gear and have produced equipment that will last for years. Our sandbags are tested for endurance and ease of use so you can be assured of a quality product. We built them to last and last they will! 

** Please note the kettlebell is NOT designed for throwing.


Weight: 2 Sizes Available: 10lbs max capacity & 30lbs max capacity

Materials: Outer Shell constructed with heavy-duty, 1000D Mil-Spec Cordura and an inner filler made of tear-proof Ballistic Nylon.

Available Colors: Multiple

Features: Double Wall Protection, YKK Zipper, Anti-Microbial Contoured Rubber Handle, and a Brute Force design made to last.



    These are the best sandbags and fillers on the market. I've been using sandbags in my group classes for 8 years and have purchased from almost every company on the internet and nothing compares to Brute Force. Stop shopping around and buy these now.

    Tim C.

    I purchased this bag for a good friend of mine whose previous sandbag was leaking and falling apart. I’m a seamstress and he had been asking me to sew up various holes. He is very rough with his bag and he needs something durable and well made. After researching, I found Brute Force. Extremely well made!

    Priscilla L.

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