Weighted Sandbags for the Strongman Workout

Sandbags are indeed the ultimate piece of workout equipment. The number of athletes incorporating sandbags into their Strongman workouts has grown massively.

What is a Strongman Workout?

A strongman workout is all about gaining strength. 

Also called strongman training, it is a workout regime that combines the elements of functional movement with extreme weights. Functional exercises are based on natural movements like lifting, pushing or pulling, etc.

This powerful training provides the athlete with an exceptionally hard workout that helps to build muscle strength while improving stability and control.

Unlike powerlifting, strongman training focuses on your strength, power, and endurance building. 

Why are Sandbags Good for Strongman Training? 

Strongman Sandbag | Strongman Workout

Sandbags are an excellent weight source for strongman training.

Sandbags can target your muscles in a different way to traditional gym equipment like dumbbells and barbells.

Take the Strongman Sandbag by Brute Force, for example. It provides you with dynamic resistance due to the unstable weight of the shifting sand inside. They are unpredictable, so your body must continually balance and stabilize to cater to the momentum of the sand. Your workout is, therefore, never the same.

Reasons why Strongman sandbags are awesome:

They improve stability- Sand shifting within the sandbag is unpredictable. This movement forces your body to readjust, building resilience and strength constantly.

 They improve future performances- Utilizing heavy fitness sandbags during a workout is tough! When working with sandbag weight, your strength and endurance improve in leaps and bounds.

They are versatile- Your strongman sandbag bag can be used with many different strongman exercises. This is because of the range of handles on the bag. Brute Force Classic Strongman Sandbags have eight handles. Four other pairs of handles mean you can use them for almost every exercise: squats, lunges, shoulder throws, twists, deadlifts, high lifts, rows, swings, hop-overs, and more.

 They are adjustable- When you need a heavier workout, add more sand! You have any weight option you like in one piece of equipment! 

 They are affordable- Brute Force Strongman Sandbags are multiple purchases for the price of one! Because of their versatility and adjustability, you only need this one item for most of your workouts. This is also great when you don’t have the space or budget for more equipment.

If you are wondering where to buy sandbags for workouts, Visit the Brute Force Training website for different options. Sandbags come in different shapes and styles.

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A Strongman Finish

Strongman Workout

Strongman training is not for the faint of heart!  Prep, start slowly and gradually build up to a program that you enjoy. Customize and grow!

The versatility of your Brute Force Strongman sandbag can’t be beaten. These tools offer the best workouts. There are so many exercise options, and the rewards are endless!