5 Reasons to Try a 20 lb Weighted Vest for a Great Workout

Weighted vests are a popular workout tool for both men and women. A 20 lb weighted vest is an excellent option for a low or high-impact workout. They have been proven to help burn more calories and improve overall conditioning.

The convenience of a weighted vest cannot be denied. It’s a grab-‘n-go!

The adjustable 20 lb weighted vest by Brute Force is an ideal weight for all your training needs. This simple one-piece design is easy to use and is a leader in weighted vests.

Here are 5 solid reasons to consider using a weighted vest in your next workout.

  1. Versatility

A 20 lb weighted vest is an extremely versatile piece of training gear.

They are perfect for upping your game when you are speed walking, doing a variety of home workouts, or even for more complex cross-training routines.

The versatility of the Brute Force Training Vest 3.0 cannot be beaten. It's customizable and is the most comfortable weighted vest out there. The minimalist design hugs close to your body while allowing you to have unrestricted movement and easy breathing.

The added resistance of a 20-pound weighted sports vest is ideal for raising the level of your current cardio work and bodyweight training. It isn’t an overwhelming weight, however, you can add additional weight at any time, if so desired.

Your one vest can be easily used for both cardio and conditioning training, to help you become a better athlete or simply to get more toned and fit.

  1. Affordable

There is a real pay-off to using a 20-pound weighted vest.

The Brute Force 3.0 vest is affordable and allows you to alter your workouts without the huge expense of some other equipment on the market.

Unlike the price of heavyweight equipment, the vest is a simple add-on tool to give you the desired intensity without the huge price tag.

  1. Portable

A weighted vest is a convenient, all-in-one piece of equipment that can be taken with you anywhere.

There is no need to buy a huge weightlifting station that takes up valuable space in your home. Your vest is space-saving! It stores easily in your closet or gym bag.

Simply wear your 20-pound vest right over your workout clothes. The slim fit is easy to wear on hikes while training, without having to lug around a workout bag.

Nothing could be simpler. Just strap it on and begin your workout.

  1. Strength and Endurance Building

Weighted vests provide the added weight needed for building your endurance and strength.

Carrying extra weight during your aerobic or training exercises requires more effort and after only a short period of weighted vest use, you will see your effort rewarded by how your overall strength and endurance have grown.

According to a Healthline article,

“One recent study found that weighted vest training improved blood lactate thresholds for runners. This means they were able to tolerate faster speeds for greater periods of time before fatiguing.”

Vests allow for better results. For example, if you utilize a 20-pound weighted vest in your running training, you will be amazed at your increased speed and endurance results when you train without the vest again.

We all wonder how heavy our weighted vests should be in the beginning.  For beginners, try using a quarter of the max weight to start off with and gradually add on as you begin to feel comfortable with your vest and weight.  If you have exercised with a weighted vest on before, use a weight that will give you more of a challenge when training.

Different weights will be good for different activities.  Familiarize yourself with how to adjust the weight on your vest so that transitioning between exercises will be as smooth as possible.

  1. Cardiovascular Benefits

Weight Vest

When you train in a 20-pound weighted vest, your cardiovascular system works hard.

This extra effort helps to strengthen an athlete's lungs and the body’s ability to use oxygen. Weighted vests assist your cardiovascular system to deliver fresh oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and more to the organs and cells in your body.

Your cardiovascular system is very important to your overall health, and a weighted vest can aid in building up that strength. 

The Final Lift

A 20-pound weighted vest is a versatile and important workout tool for men, women, and even older children.

A weighted vest is wonderful for increasing your overall cardiovascular health during your workouts and training. It can also add to your weight loss routine by helping you to burn more calories. Simply adjust your workout by adding your desired weight.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or relatively new to working out, a weighted vest can be the perfect workout tool to help up your game. It can deliver the results you desire, faster.